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Introduction to our initiative

Earning extra income is always welcome to any pocket. Welcome to our 'earn extra income with Jager Brewery' initiative. We will guide you through the application process, and help you earn an extra income within your everyday lifestyle. 


What are the benefits of our initiative?


  • Risk-Free

  • Wealth Builder

  • No Inventory Costs

  • Work Independently

  • Online Store is open 24/7

  • No Distribution Costs

  • No Joining Fees

  • Sell from Anywhere

  • Limited Sales Limitations

  • Earn weekly Commission

  • Nothing to Loose




Apply NOW to become a Jager Brewery commercial selling agent.


Follow the easy process below; download and complete your application today. Upon successful application, you can start earning a 5% commission on all your sales generated with the use of your unique code. Your unique code will be allocated to you upon the successful application.


Recommendations for sales targets:


  • Family

  • Friends

  • Birthday Celebrations

  • Social Friends

  • Events

  • Hotels

  • Wedding Venues

  • Bed & Breakfast's

  • Lodges

  • Restaurants

  • Corporate Functions

  • Golf Courses


If you plan on reselling any of Jager Brewery's products, you must have a valid liquor license.

Application to become an agent

Follow our easy steps:


  • Ensure you are 18 years or older to apply as an agent (A certified copy of your valid ID/passport will be required with your application)

  • Download the agency agreement by clicking on this link:


  • Complete and sign all required areas of the agent agreement

  • Send your completed agent agreement and all required supporting documentation to

  • To sign your documents electronically you can click on this link to sign via DocuSign

  • Click on the link and set up a profile on Post Affiliate Pro. Your application will be pending until manual approval from Jager Brewery


  • You will be notified via an email by Post Affiliate Pro if you have been approved

  • Upon approval, you will set your password via the link supplied on your email. This will activate your Post Affiliate Pro profile

  • By setting up your Post Affiliate Pro profile you will be allocated with a unique link situated at the top in the blue banner on your home page

  • Through Post Affiliate Pro you as an agent and we as Jager Brewery will be able to track your sales and progress. You will also be allocated with coupons to distribute to your potential customers. These coupons will give your customers a discount

  • Your customers must buy via your unique link otherwise we won't be able to track your sales and no commission will be allocated for that sale because it will not register

  • All sales will strictly be done through our Jager Brewery Online Store

  • You as an agent will earn 5% commission (excl VAT) on all sales linked to your unique link

  • All commission will display on your Post Affiliate Pro profile as pending. The status will change to paid once the payment reflects in Jager Brewery's bank account

  • All commission on paid and cleared sales linked to your Post Affiliate Pro profile will be paid out on a weekly basis

  • All sales and distribution, as well as all admin, relating hereto will be directed through our Jager Brewery online store

  • Jager Brewery has a full range of premium imported alcoholic beverages: Volfas Engelman gluten-free beer, Le Coq ready-to-drink cocktails and Vinitto sparkling fruit wine coolers. All ready and waiting for you to sell and earn

  • The initiative is very straight forward: the more you sell, the more you can earn


Terms & Conditions apply