Never Ending Summer with LE COQ

Le Coq ready to drink cocktails produced in Europe are available in 5 refreshing flavors. Le Coq cocktails will ensure you enjoy a never ending summer all year round.

The Le Coq cocktail range remind you of being on a tropical island enjoying your favorite cocktail on South African shores. Ensuring convenience, this 330ml ready to drink cocktail gives you the opportunity to open and enjoy the flavors of paradise. Le Coq ready to drink cocktails all consists of 4,7% alcohol.

Whether your enjoying the Pina Colada cocktail with tastes of southern sea rum and coconut milk, the world famous Mojito cocktail which feels like a cool breeze on a sunny day because it combines the fun tastes of white rum, lime, and fresh mint or the LE COQ Cosmopolitan the flavour of this legendary drink brings to mind red cranberries, sour lime and sugary oranges, or just relaxing on South African shores sipping on a Le Coq Blue Lagoon cocktail with the taste of curacao, pineapple and coconut or should you like dancing while sipping on Le Coq Margaritas the flavour of watermelon gives this red-coloured southern cocktail a pleasantly juicy taste.


Le Coq ready to drink cocktails surely became SA’s favourite bottled ready to drink cocktails. Le Coq cocktails ensure a never ending summer all year round. 

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