The Gentleman's drink - Volfas Engelman Beers

Volfas Engelman Beers are brewed in Europe for your enjoyment on South African shores. Volfas Engelman Premium Naturally brewed AND GLUTEN FREE beers available in a 500ml linned can, promises to delight your ultimate beer taste buds. 


Volfas Engelman, the legendary beer of Lithuania of the interwar period, has returned and is as great now as it was then. The brand is named after its founders –Raphail Wolf and Ferdinand Engelmann. Volfas Engelman was the largest brewery in interwar Kaunas and it brewed the most popular beer in Lithuania at the time.


Creating a new sophisticated image, we have created a reserved, yet stylish brand for a gentleman. Volfas Engelman is the fastest growing premium beer brand in Lithuania. Volfas Engelman Premium Lager, Pilsner or Kriek Beers all available in South Africa makes it easy to enjoy the premium quality and taste which these beers have to offer. Volfas Engelman Beers creates a lifestyle you’d love to life.

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